In the capacity of growth marketer for canirank, i recently recruited a panel of ecommerce experts to collaborate on a guide to ecommerce seo. a summary with a link to the guide can be found below.

Ecommerce SEO Guide to Your FAQs

the ecommerce experts over at published a piece I wrote on content marketing in collaboration with canirank, an seo software company.

How 9 Ecommerce Stores Use Content Marketing to Build Links

I wrote a series on the depiction of virtue and vice in classic movies for Acculturated, an online magazine about pop culture. Below are three of my favorites:

Norma Desmond Was Right: The Pictures Really Did Get Small (based on Sunset Boulevard, 1950)
"High Noon" and Manliness (based on High Noon, 1952)
Hookup Culture on the 1950s Silver Screen (based on Love in the Afternoon, 1957)

As Managing Editor at, I blogged A Lot. It's not all worth linking to here--Especially since most pieces had a limited shelf life of one to two news cycles. but below is a representative smattering.

Are Conservatives Bad at Pop Culture?
In Defense of Uptalk and Vocal Fry
Libertarian Experiment Goes Up In Flames
Incentives Matter: Solving the World's Population Crises
I Didn't Go to Yale, I'm You
The Devil Has a Human Face
A Conservative Approach to Poverty

At, I occasionally wrote pieces on wedding planning and decorating, predominantly to help beef up our seo for specific keywords. A few samples:

5 Things to Know about Planning a Backyard Wedding
Top 7 Inexpensive Centerpiece Ideas